How do you change culture within an organization?

Lead by example. Show people through your own work that your idea adds value to an organization and can make things better. There will be a learning curve, so you need to develop a curriculum for how you plan to educate people within the organization on the new approach you are proposing.

Start small. Create a small group that you incorporate in the process to get buy in. They will ultimately become your advocates. When it is time to spread change throughout your organization, they will be on the front lines with you.

Make change viral. Once you have a small group of advocates, have them go out and work with people on their teams and departments to implement their new learnings. Then have those people introduce this new process to their colleagues.

Create a sustainability mechanism. Change can fade. People easily revert back to their old ways. If you can create a support network for sustaining the change you have introduced – ongoing trainings, support forums or meetings, or incentives – you will keep change afloat.

Change is progressive – it cannot be rushed or forced. Be patient when trying to bring about change. Often times, you will slide backward and have to pivot to make things work. Approach it as an iterative process, give yourself small wins. Don’t move on to a new phase unless you are confident that you hit your mark and you should be fine.