My Resolutions for 2013

This is going to be an exciting year. We are only six days in, and I already have a some new things on the horizon (more on those in the coming weeks). With new opportunity comes new challenges, and I would be remiss if I did not put some of that challenge on myself. So, in the new year, I resolve:

  1. I will only watch television online. I’m finding cable to be a waste of money. I was happier when I only had my Google TV and could watch what I want when I want. I also found myself watching less television overall. So, I am cutting cable out of my information diet.
  2. I will write an e-book. I haven’t determined a good topic yet, but I want to write an e-book this year. I am really interested in the way the internet is making it easier for creatives (writers, musicians, artists, etc.) to bypass traditional distribution methods and put out their own works. I am going to explore this myself and publish a short e-book on something related to digital technology and consumer behavior.
  3. I will spend more time in niche digital communities. Niche online communities were all the rave when I was in high school and college. I started really studying and being involved in online communities back on 2003 when I started working on cars and spent absurd amounts of time on sites like and I got a real sense of community from these forums, which often led people to meet in the real world and build meaningful relationships with each other. I feel brands will start re-exploring building their own niche communities for consumers to interact with them versus relying solely on social networks like Facebook. I want to gain tips from some of these niche communities on how they get their members to engage with each other both online and offline.
  4. I will use technology like a teen. This article made me really think about whether I am helping clients prepare to engage the next generation of digital consumers in the ways they use technology. To better understand how teens and younger college students are using technology, I am going to spend more time using the tools they find interesting and watching how my younger friends and family members use technology.
  5. I will speak at more events. I have found that I really like speaking on panels and giving trainings. I am speaking on my first panel for this year at the upcoming NetSquared DC event and doing ongoing digital strategy trainings with a civic engagement group in Kenya. I’m looking for more speaking opportunities this year. If you are interested in having me speak on a panel, contact me here.
  6. Spend less time in the gym, and more time doing real-world activities. I have gotten tired of traditional gym routines. I find myself more interested in spending time doing physical activities that involve groups of people and will teach me some new skill. That is what drove me back to taking karate. I am going to explore new activities in the new year, like Parkour.
  7. I will travel to unpopular vacation destinations in the United States. I really enjoy seeing the diversity in culture, architecture, and communities across America. I find some of the most interesting things are taking place in cities that are not popular vacation sites, like Nenana, Alaska. I’m going to spend more time traveling to cities in the US that aren’t popular tourist destinations, but have a really interesting story behind them.

This is a non-traditional list of resolutions, which I am also excited about. Why declare that I will do the things I should be doing already, like staying in shape and saving money?