Transcending Complacency to Live a Life of Purpose

Six days ago, I figuratively set sail on a new adventure along a course previously travelled. I sold all of my furniture, packed essentials into boxes, tossed them into a 2011 Chevy Traverse and hit the road for Washington, DC. I say this was a course previously travelled because this is the third move I made to DC in twice as many years.

I was first driven to move to DC by a rather large chip on my shoulder. I had watched all the hard work put into a civic engagement campaign I helped run at a Boston nonprofit result in more undelivered results from elected officials and more “I told you so’s” from disenfranchised Roxbury residents who long ago lost hope in the political system. I was fueled by a curiosity for how technology can empower the ignored voices of many to have a greater influence over power structures than the dollars of a privileged few.

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Washington, DC, Take 3!

I have been fairly quiet over the past few months, as I have been working through a transitional period. In may I decided that I really want to be in Washington, DC at this point in my life, so I am, as of Sunday, going to be moving back to the District!

I’ll have more news in the coming weeks as far as where I will be working, side projects, etc. For the next month, I am looking forward to a laid back schedule, reading a lot, doing some research, and spending time with good friends.

Stay tuned.